Another World (song)


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Brian May - vocals, acoustic guitar
Steve Ferrone - drums
Ken Taylor - bass



Another World, 1998


Another World, Holland 1998

Alternate Versions:

Brian Talks

Brian May, July 1998, Guitarist

My favourite song at the moment is the last song on there, ‘Another World’, which is utterly different from anything else; it’s very kind of grown-up and calm.

Brian May, August 1998, Talk Radio

This guy who wrote Sliding Doors, who's an old friend of mine, came and said, "Brian, would you write a song for this film?" Gave me the script, I got very inspired and wrote it, and the song was called 'Another World'. Um, I just wrote it kind of overnight and gave it to him, and he was thrilled, he was jumping up and down and said, "This is what we need for the film. This is perfect". Um, to cut a long story short, I never heard from him for the next six months. And it didn't go in the film.

Additional Info

Originally written for the movie Sliding Doors but was rejected.

Chords & Tabs


In another world
Under another sky
I see another story waiting
To be told

And another you
Wakes up - with another me
For that's the way we've come to be
In another world

In a different place
Way cross time and space
The door is open wide
Drawn to a different light
Maybe we'll step inside

In another world
We can show we care
You can be sure I'm waiting there
In another world

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Oooh, yeah
When the dice were cast
They laid a crazy path
We follow to our graves

But I know in a different world
We journey a different way

So we live but life
Isn't what it seems
We're only living in our dreams
In another world

You can believe
I'll meet you here
In another world