Bad Company


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Paul Rodgers - lead vocal, piano
Brian May - guitar, backing vocal
Roger Taylor - drums, backing vocal
Spike Edney - keyboards, backing vocal
Jamie Moses - guitar, backing vocal
Danny Miranda - bass guitar, backing vocal



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Company always on the run
Destiny, ooh, is the rising sun, oh
I was born, six gun in my hand
Behind a gun I'll make my final stand

It's why they call me
Bad company and I can't deny
Bad company 'til the day I die
Oh, 'til the day I die, 'til the day I die

Rebel souls, deserters we are called
Chose a gun and threw away the sword
Now these towns they all know our name
Six gun sound is our claim to fame

I can hear 'em say
Bad company and I won't deny
Bad, bad company 'til the day I die, I
Oh yeah, 'til the day I die

Hey, hey, hey

Bad company I can't deny
Bad company 'til the day I die
That's what I said now
Bad company
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Bad company 'til the day I die
Oh yeah

Tell me you're not free
Oh, but I'm a bad company
That's the way I play, yeah
Dollar for dirty
Oooh, somebody got a problem
Oooh, price of love
Yeah, we're bad company
Oh the cold wind blows, yeah
Mmmm, yeah
That's the way we play