Blues Breaker


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Brian May - guitar
Edward Van Halen - guitar
Alan Gratzer - drums
Phil Chen - bass
Fred Mandel - piano
  • Length: 12:50



Star Fleet Project, 1983
Resurrection Japanese Tour Mini Album, 1995


Back To The Light, 1992 CD single

Brian Talks

Brian May, 1983, Guitar Player

We started kicking around those little riffs which are a bit like Blues Breakers, and just let the tape roll as we played around. Although "Star Fleet" was sort of structured, I wanted to have a bit of arrangement and a little bit of trading off together, and then I wanted to give Edward a place to just let loose. It was built around wanting to have this bit where I could just lay down the chords, and he would let loose in the middle. That track begins with Edward doing fingerboard tap. Later on he does the line with harmonics, and I layered in the harmony guitar parts. Then at the end, we did a climb together. That was a great feeling, because we just stood on each side of the board and worked out roughly how it should be. We said we have to start here and end up there - go up in more or less semitones, but get to the right place at the right time. That was fun - he played his better than I played mine!. The song fades and then starts up again, which was completely sponteneous. Edward has this thing that ha can never stop playing (laughs). So every time everybody else thought we'd finished, he'd be going, "chack, chacka, chack, chack". So those plucked chords there are his. He's just so inspiring it's ridiculous.