Exercises In Free Love

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Freddie Mercury - vocalizations (Version 1)
Montserrat Caballé - vocalizations (Version 2)
Mike Moran - piano, keyboards
  • Length: 3:56



The Freddie Mercury Album, 1992
The Great Pretender, 1992
The Solo Collection, 2000


The Great Pretender, 1987 B-side
Barcelona, 1988 B-side
Barcelona, 1992 B-side

Alternate Versions:

Additional info

  • Written by Freddie as his impersonation of Montserrat's vocal style. She was so enamored with the song that she insisted on recording her own version. The melody was later reused for Ensueño, with a set of lyrics written by Montserrat.
  • Montserrat's vocal version was not, for some reason, issued on The Solo Collection; it only remains available on both 1988 and 1992 single releases of Barcelona.


Mostly falsetto vocalizations. No real lyrics to speak of.