God (The Dream Is Over)

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  • Written by: John Lennon adapted and arranged by Brian May
  • Musicians:
Brian May - vocals, acoustic guitar



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Additional Information

  • Brian altered John Lennon's lyrics to talk about his own circumstances.
  • Performed at various dates during the Back To The Light tour.
  • Originally scheduled to appear on the Live At The Brixton Academy album but was never released due to Yoko Ono not giving permission for the track to be released.


The dream is over, what can I say
The dream is over, yesterday
We were the fab ones, but now it is gone
I was the gentle one, but now I must be strong
And so dear friends we'll just have to carry on
The dream is over

The dream is over, no matter what they say
The dream is over, it has to be this way
We played in springtime, but now I play in fall
We hit the bigtime, but now we are small
And our dear friend let's hope he has it all, still
The dream is over

I don't believe in magic
I don't believe in pain
I don't believe in heroes
I don't believe in fame
I don't believe the newsprint
I don't believe we're free
I don't believe in nations
I don't believe in pride
I don't believe in pressure
I don't believe we're right
I don't believe in torture
I don't believe in fight
I don't believe in colour
I don't believe in white
I don't believe in history
I don't believe in being Queen any more
I just believe in me
Just you guys and me
And that's reality

Yes the dream is over
Dream on