God Save The Queen

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Brian May - guitars
Roger Taylor - drums, timpani, orchestral cymbals
  • Length: 1:11



A Night At The Opera, 1975


Keep Yourself Alive, 1974 USA B-side

Alternate Versions:

  • 7" US (Extended Intro) - Keep Yourself Alive: Elektra E-45268 B

Queen Talks

"That's something that we've had in our stage act for a long while, y'know, and when we were recording A Night At The Opera, I felt it just lent itself. The whole thing is done by Brian. It's all Brian's guitar, every bit of it, with cymbals and things. I told you we have nobody else coming in. We don't use synthesizers... Brian can get all those sounds with his guitar."

Freddie Mercury - 21/05/1976, Record Mirror

Additional Information

  • Recorded sometime during the tail end of the Sheer Heart Attack sessions in October 1974. Brian decided to arrange a guitar instrumental version of the British national anthem after hearing audiences sing the song before the band would appear onstage.
  • A piano demo was performed by Brian, full of mistakes. Brian later played this demo in the DVD, The Making Of A Night At The Opera.


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