Holding On

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Freddie Mercury - vocals
Mike Moran - keyboards
David Richards - drum programming
Erdal Kizilkay - bass guitar
  • Length: 4:11



The Solo Collection, 2000

Additional info

  • Recorded at Townhouse Studios, London, 9 March 1987, during sessions for Barcelona, but most likely not intended for that album. It's possible that Freddie was either recording demos for an upcoming Queen project or considering working on another solo album; whatever his plans, "Holding On", along with other tracks recorded at this time – It's So You, I Can't Dance / Keep Smilin', and Yellow Breezes – wouldn't progress beyond the demo stage and remained unreleased until 2000.


Yeah, yeah, yeah - Ha
Keep doing it - Ha, yeah, yeah

When I was a little boy and growing up
I, I didn't know myself what's left and right
I'm all pent up
Said holding on
They said, keep, keep holding
Holding, holding on

My mama told me this
She said don't grow up too quickly
She said grow up boy, grow up boy
She said hold on, keep on
Holding on, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Mama told me
That's what she said
Keep holding babe
Holding, holding

Holding on
He stopped holding on
She said to me, she said to me
Keep holding on
I honey, I said I would keep holding
Oooh, oh, oh, ooh, oh


Yeah, yeah
Yeah - Ha
Holding, I said keep holding, holding

My big brother told me
He said, I don't need you as a brother, babe
I wanna, I wanna keep holding on
That's what he said
I just keep holding, holding

Ha, you do that

One more time
I keep holding on, yeah
I just keep holding, holding on
Holding on, key change

Holding on, holding on
I just keep holding on, holding on
My mama told me that
I gotta keep holding on, yeah, yeah, ha, ha, ha, yeah
Wooh, oooh, ooh, oh, oh, oh
Ha, ha

Now it's your turn babe
Go, go