Il Colosso


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Brian May - vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, orchestral arrangements
Just William - vocals
Sissel - vocals
Jerry Hadley - vocals
Gary Martin - vocals
Pete Maladrone - vocals
Justin Shirley-Smith - vocals
Jim Beach - vocals
Julie Glover - vocals
Peter Locke - vocals
Robert Lee - vocals
Suzanne DeBarry - vocals
Lee Holdridge - orchestral arrangements
Ira Hearshen - orchestral arrangements
Larry Kenton - orchestral arrangements
  • Recorded: 1996 at Allerton Hill Studios
  • Length: 7:35



  • None


  • None


The Adventures Of Pinocchio, 1996

Alternate Versions:

  • Film Version (7:06) – similar to the version released on the soundtrack. Some parts have been edited out, while additional dialog has been flown in.

Additional Information

  • "Il Colosso" is Italian for "The Colossus".
  • The curious credit to "Just William", who sings the Pinocchio part, is actually Brian with his vocals sped up considerably.


No to tyranny
He shall not have his pleasure
The goodness shall prevail

No to fillany
He'll save our greatest treasure
In this we can not
In this we can not fail

My dearest daughter
Will no-one save her
Ah, my kingdom
He offers half his kingdom
And no-one dare to save me from the hassles

I will

Now all the world is waiting (all)
The maiden I must save (the world is)
Don't wait, no hesitating (waiting)
If only I were brave (and now is the hour)

This time I must be the hero
It's my call, that's my fate
It's everything or nothing
Look out he's coming through

I'll save you princess
Puny peasants

Behold the giant
He stands out proud, defiant
The princess shall be mine
She will be mine
Who next?

Hey you up there, with the b-b-beard

Oh, I was made of freedom
Nobody pulls my strings
A knight can equal any man
In all the grown up things

Oh, I was made of mischief
They tell me I must learn
But nothing is coincidence
Whichever way I turn

And I will do or die
For I know one thing after all
The bigger any giant comes
The harder he may fall

My hero
He saved me
My hero, my hero, my hero, my hero, my hero, my hero

Hail the hero
At last we have a hero
So I'm told he is only a p-p-p-peasant

Only a peasant
He's nothing but a peasant
He's so daring and handsome and charming
But a peasant - how very alarming

He's so clever and brave and heroic
But those peasants, they're all protozoic

Altogether we dance and play
We're bright and gay, aloud, hooray
Altogether we greet the day
Colossus is no more
Altogether we celebrate the very hills reverberate
To the heavens we elevate
The hero we adore

All of a sudden the world is light
The sun is up and shining bright
All of a sudden the birds do sing
And spring is at the door

All together in harmony
In chorus song and symphony
All together the angels sing
The giant is no more

What are we made of
Can we know what we will be
What are the chances
I can find a better path
A better life
A better me

What are we made of
Is it written in the sand
Where are we sailing
To a strange and distant land
Take my hand and sail with me

What are we made of
If you think you know the answer
Turn around, think again

No! A monster
A fire breathing monster
At last we are undone

Hail the general
He'll make his work indelible
And now the chosen fun
Has begun

Stand for justice
Stand for honour
Stand with courage (we will)
Stand with valour (we will)

Ahh-ahhh, ahh-ahhh
Ahh-ahhh, ahh-ahhh

Hail the general
Here comes the mighty general
He will tend to
He must tend to
He must tend to

Oh, I was made of
So I was made of
I am made of

What are we made of
Just for this moment take your life into your hands
You will decide
What you are made of
What it is that I can be
Think again, my friend
Turn around, think again