My Baby Does Me


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Freddie Mercury - lead and backing vocals, keyboards
Brian May - guitars
John Deacon - bass guitar, keyboards
David Richards - drum programming
  • Length: 3:22



The Miracle, 1989


  • None

Alternate Versions:

  • My Baby Loves Me: Original Demo - Unreleased

Queen Talks

"That song stemmed from John and myself... I seem to remember I wanted something a little more relaxed than the way the other songs were getting. I felt that we didn't have something that was a little more clearheaded, and not too involved. And so we decided we should have something very easy, very listenable."

Freddie Mercury - 29/05/1989, BBC Radio One (interview with Mike Read)

Chords & Tabs

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Turn it up a bit please

My baby
Baby does
My baby does me good
My baby does
My baby does me
My baby does me good

My lady
Understands me right
She understands me
She understands me
Understands me right

My baby cares
She really cares
She knows what's really right for me
Does me good then she hurts me so
She winds me up and then lets me go
Turns me on and then tells me no
She's just a pussy cat

My baby loves me
My baby loves me
My baby cuffs me
One day she tells me that she cares
Another day she tells me she don't love me
She really really does me

Now people do you believe this
Do you

She really really really really really really
Does me