Queen's First EP

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Release information

Release date Catalog number Country
7" Singles
dd/05/1977 EMI2623 UK
dd/05/1977 EPE236 Australia
dd/05/1977 5C016-99082 Holland
dd/05/1977 India
dd/05/1977 EPEM-10833 Mexico
CD Singles
dd/11/1988 QUECD5 UK
dd/mm/1991 TODP-2255 Japan
18/04/2009 D000383302 USA


7" Tracklist

Side A: Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy / Death On Two Legs (Dedicated to......

Side B: Tenement Funster / White Queen (As It Began)

3" CD Tracklist, 1988 Reissue

1. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

2. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated to......

3. Tenement Funster

4. White Queen (As It Began)


  • Produced by: Queen, except:
Death On Two Legs (Dedicated to......, Tenement Funster,
and White Queen (As It Began) by Queen and Roy Thomas Baker


Bold indicates peak chart position.

Country 1st chart appearance Chart run Weeks in chart
UK 04/06/1977 36-29-21-24-17-24-19-17-23-22 10