Rock In Rio Blues


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Freddie Mercury - lead vocals
Brian May - guitar
Roger Taylor - drums
John Deacon - bass guitar
Spike Edney - keyboards
  • Length: 4:35



  • None


A Winter's Tale, 1995 CD single
Too Much Love Will Kill You, 1996 US CD single

Alternate Versions:

  • UK CD Version - Parlophone CD QUEENS 22: (A Winter's Tale)
  • US CD Version - B-side of Too Much Love Will Kill You

Additional Information

  • Recorded during the Rock In Rio Festival in January 1985, this is based on the Impromptu jam that was released on Live At Wembley '86 in 1992, with specially-written lyrics for the people of Rio de Janeiro.
  • The US version has a proper fade-in and a slightly different fade-out, whereas the UK version has a rougher intro.


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Let's play the Rock In Rio blues, baby
We've come to do Rock In Rio with you, baby
Rock in Rio night baby
It's Rock In Rio
Everybody's having
Get in tune with the Rock In Rio business
Rock it
Baby I like it

That song was especially for you, for all the Rock In Rio people
Thank you very much