Sleeping On The Sidewalk


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Brian May - lead and backing vocals, guitar
John Deacon - bass guitar
Roger Taylor - drums
  • Length: 3:07



News Of The World, 1977


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Queen Talks

"That was the quickest song I EVER wrote in my life. I just wrote it down. It’s funny because it’s one of the ones I’m quite pleased with as well. It’s not trying too hard, it’s not highly subtle, but I think it leaves me with quite a good feeling.

It was sort of a one-take thing, as well. Although, I messed around with the take a lot and chopped it about and rearranged it, it was basically the first take, which we used. So, it has that kind of sloppy feel that I think works with the song, which we never would have DREAMED with the previous albums. We always used to work on the backing tracks until they were a million percent perfect, and if they weren’t, we would splice together two which were. We’d go to great lengths, but for this album, we wanted to get that spontaneity back in."

Brian May - 1983, BBC Radio One


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I was nothing but a city boy
My trumpet was my only toy
I've been blowing my horn
Since I knew I was born
But there ain't nobody wants to know

I've been sleeping on the sidewalk
Rolling down the road
I may get hungry
But I sure don't want to go home

So round the corner comes a limousine
And the biggest grin I ever seen
Here sonny won't you sign
Right along the dotted line
What you saying are you playing
Sure you don't mean me?

I've been sleeping on the sidewalk
Rolling down the road
I may get hungry
But I sure don't want to go home

(Now I tell you what happened...)

They took me to a room without a table
They said 'blow your trumpet into here'
I played around as well as I was able
And soon we had the record of the year

I was a legend all through the land
I was blowing to a million fans
Nothing was a missing
All the people want to listen
You'd have thought I was a happy man

And I was sleeping like a princess
Never touch the road
I don't get hungry
And I sure don't want to go home
(Have to have some fun...)

Now they tell me that I ain't so fashionable
And I owe the man a million bucks a year
So I told them where to stick the fancy label
It's just me and the road from here

I'm back to playing and laying
I'm back on the game

I'm sleeping on the sidewalk
Rolling down the road
I sure get hungry and
I sure do wanna go home