The Wedding March


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Brian May - guitar orchestrations
Roger Taylor - cymbals
  • Length: 0:56



Flash Gordon, 1980


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Queen Talks

"Those things go back a long way with us because, you know, we did God Save The Queen and we did the beginning part for Tie Your Mother Down and we did Procession on the first [sic] album. Those little guitar pieces go back a long way. I had heard Hendrix's thing but his approach is very different really. The way he did those things was to put down a line and then sort of improvise another line around and the whole thing works on the basis of, erm, things going in and out of harmony, more or less, by accident. It's very much a freeform multi-tracking thing, whereas my stuff is totally arranged. I'll make sure that the whole thing is planned and treated like you would give a score to an orchestra to do. It's a complete orchestration. So, it's a different kind of approach really but I enjoy doing those things. It's sort of an indulgence really but, at the same time, I thought it would be funny for that 'Wedding March' to come out that way. Because, all our people, who know our music, would recognise that immediately as one of our treatments and anyone else in the cinema would think of it as a strange 'Wedding March'. It's meant it to be a musical joke anyway, in the film, so it was just heightening that joke really."

Brian May - 1983, BBC Radio One

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