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Paul Rodgers - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Brian May - guitars, bass guitar (?)
Roger Taylor - drums, percussion
  • Length: 4:27



The Cosmos Rocks, 2008


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Queen + Paul Rodgers talks

Paul Rodgers, Halesowen News

"'Voodoo' was a song I had already when I came into the studio. We really just jammed on it, I picked up an acoustic guitar and played it, then Roger came in on the drums, Brian then joined in, and we played through it. We recorded the second or third take. It ended up being quite a sparse song with not much instrumentation on it, and, dare I say it, very bluesy, very loose. We didn't know what we were going to do or sound like, so we were just playing to see what came up. Some of the songs on the album are different; some are very natural and organic, like 'Voodoo', but there are others that are beautifully produced, too, 'All The Glitters' [sic: Some Things That Glitter], for example."

Paul Rodgers, 2008 BLIC

"Some songs are carefully produced, while some are just a result of a current inspiration. For example, the song 'Voodoo' represents a real jazz session. I began playing the guitar and everybody joined. I think that we have managed to retain a positive atmosphere on that album."

Chords & Tabs

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When the moon rises, the dogs will howl
Look out of your window, I'll be on the prowl
I'm not usually a gambling man
But oh I just wanna hold up my hands

And say I'm taking a chance on you love
Woah I'm taking a chance on you love

I'm not superstitious and I don't wear no charm
I don't carry my heart on the sleeve of my arm
Seven years of bad luck, please, don't worry me
'Cause when I look in the mirror, here's the future I see

I'm taking a chance on you love
Woah, I'm taking a chance on you love

Place your bets, better yet
Don't forget, what I said
Roll the dice, spin the wheel
Always remember, you've got to keep it real

Don't believe in voodoo, black magic was never my style
But I believe you do, and it won't take much time
To gather the portions that weave your magic spell
The moon on the ocean has a secret to tell

But anyway I'm taking a chance on you love
Woah I'm taking a chance on you love
Woah I'm taking a chance on you love