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Brian May - all vocals, instruments, and programming



Another World, 1998


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Born in the time of the changes
Where are you going - how will you fly
Is it for love or freedom
All your days have been
Waiting for life to catch you
Watching and waiting and seeking a sign
In the wilderness

Each of us learns while we're sleeping
Sleeping we know - waking it goes
Fashion a dream of heaven
Hold it close again
Only the Queen of heaven
Watches us grow, hearing us cry
Wondering and searching and loosing our way
In the mire
In the wilderness

Wilderness child
You gotta hold on
Wilderness child
You're gonna find your way home
Wilderness child
You gotta be strong
Wilderness, wilderness, wilderness, wilderness child

Wilderness child
Let me see you
Stand in the light
Make me whole again

And if you can then show me
Approach me if you dare
Love is an open secret
Healing and hiding and wondering and weeping
Waiting for someone to find
And open the door

In the wilderness
In the wilderness
In the wilderness
In the wilderness
Oooh, oooh, oooh
Oooh, oooh, oooh
Ooh, oooh