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In 1996, Queen Productions, feeling that You Don't Fool Me had the most potential to be a hit in clubs worldwide, commissioned a variety of remixes by a handful of different producers to be administered to the song. Apart from the standard album version, a further fifteen remixes (including two edits) were made. Most are standard remix fare, and are heavily reminiscent of the 1991 Hollywood Records remixes or those found on The Freddie Mercury Album, though a few are fairly decent while a few are downright horrendous.

How to use this page:
The first table lists all the various remixes available worldwide, including running time, who remixed it, any additional notes, and what format the remix is available on. The second table expands upon the last category in the first table, while the final section offers the minimal amount of purchases one would need to make in order to obtain all sixteen remixes.

This page was adapted from Andy Young's You Don't Fool Me remixes page. Thanks to Andy, plus Saul Duck and Michael Ehrt, who provided the information.


Description Running Time Remixed by Additional Notes Format
1 Album Version 5:25 1,2,3,4,10,11,13,14,17,18,19,20,23
2 Edit 1 3:53 1,2,3,4,23
3 Edit 2 4:42 Sleeve of French 3-track promo incorrectly lists running time as 3:52 7,8,9
4 Sexy Club Mix 10:18 Jam & Spoon Sleeve of UK CD and 12" single incorrectly lists running time as 10:53 1,4,5,6,10,11,15,18,19,23
5 Dancing Divaz Rhythm Mix 5:28 Dancing Divaz Incorrectly listed as the "Dancing Divaz Instrumental Club Mix" on the UK orange vinyl 12" 6,15
6 Dancing Divaz Club Mix 7:06 Dancing Divaz 1,4,5,6,15,18,19,20,23
7 Dancing Divaz Instrumental Club Mix 7:06 Dancing Divaz 5,6
8 BS Project Remix 5:46 M Marcolin and Bob Salton 5,10,11
9 BS Project Remix edit 3:15 M Marcolin and Bob Salton 8,9
10 Dub Dance Single Mix 5:25 David Richards 9,10,11
11 Freddy's Club Mix 7:02 Freddy Bastone Sleeve of orange vinyl incorrectly lists running time as 6:01.

"Freddy" refers to Mr. Bastone, not Mr. Mercury

12 Freddie's Revenge Dub 5:53 Freddy Bastone Label of US 12" spells it "Freddie" while the sleeve spells it "Freddy" 12,13,14
13 Queen For A Day mix 6:33 Freddy Bastone 12,13,14
14 Queen Forever Megamix 5:53 Freddy Bastone 15
15 The Late Mix 10:34 David Richards 18,19


Description Additional Notes Mixes
1 Dutch 4 track CD Jewel case 1,2,4,6
2 Dutch 2 track CD Card sleeve 1,2
3 Dutch 2 track CD Jewel case, promo, shadow effect writing on sleeve instead of outline 2,1
4 Italian 4 track CD Jewel case 1,2,4,6
5 Italian 4 track 12" single Laminated and unlaminated sleeves exist 4,6,8,7
6 UK 4 track 12" single Promo, black vinyl, no sleeve. The matrix number (12INTDJQ1) implies this was made for export rather than UK use 4,6,5,7
7 French 1 track CD Card sleeve, promo, blue sleeve 3
8 French 2 track CD Card sleeve with remixes stamp 9,3
9 French 3 track CD Card sleeve with remixes stamp 3,9,10
10 French 4 track CD Card sleeve with remixes stamp; withdrawn 8,10,4,1
11 French 4 track 12" single 8,10,4,1
12 American 3 track 12" single Promo, no sleeve, plain white label 11,12,13
13 American 4 track 12" single Promo, no sleeve. This is, in fact, just the regular 4 track 12" single without a sleeve, so it is dubious whether this really counts as a seperate format. 11,1,12,13
14 American 4 track 12" single 11,1,12,13
15 UK 5 track 12" single Promo, opaque orange vinyl, no sleeve, apparently limited to just 350 copies. Some copies with translucent orange vinyl have been reported, but it is not known whether these are deliberate, mispressings or bootlegs. 4,5,6,11,14
16 Italian 7" jukebox single Another artist on b-side, no sleeve 1?,2
17 UK promo CD single, one track Black and purple sleeve, silver and purple disk 1
18 UK regular issue 12" single Dirty-white vinyl. Apparently, only 15 white label test pressings exist 1,4,6,15
19 UK regular issue CD single 1,4,6,15
20 UK regular issue cassette single 1,6
21 Virgin radio special edition 12" single Custom Queen/Virgin sleeve. Signed by Brian/Roger/John, 3 copies only. It has not been confirmed whether any unsigned or sleeveless copies exist 1
22 French 1 track CDR Equivalent to an acetate, promo, jewel case, no sleeve 9
23 Australian 4 track CD Jewel case 1,2,4,6

Note: there is no UK 7" vinyl jukebox single.


  • To own all the remixes, you minimally need the following formats:
  1. UK 12" orange vinyl
  2. UK 12"
  3. US 12"
  4. Italian 12"
  5. French 3 track CD single
  6. Dutch 2 track CD single

Happy collecting!