Brighton Rock


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Freddie Mercury - lead and backing vocals
Brian May - guitars, backing vocals
John Deacon - bass guitar
Roger Taylor - drums, backing vocals
  • Length: 5:08



Sheer Heart Attack, 1974


Killer Queen, 1988 3" CD Single

Alternate Versions:

  • 1998 eYe “10 Edit - Electronic Arts DDE05501 101S
  • Intro: 06” - Total Guitar CD Magazine
  • Early Take Version - Unreleased

Additional Info

  • Original Working Titles: Happy Little Fuck, Happy Little Day, Blackpool Rock, Bognor Ballad, Southend Sea Scout, Skiffle Rock and Herne Bay. Session engineer Mike Stone is the likely culprit of some of the titles, though the band members themselves frequently employed working titles during the song development process.
  • GB IQFC convention October 16th 2004, Vlaardingen, Holland: Unreleased Brighton Rock (Early Take Version) Musically, very similar, but Bass guitar is very different, no guitar overdubs. The solo is much shorter, and most of the lyrics consist of Freddie La la las.

Queen Talks

Brian's response when asked about Hendrix influences on 'Brighton Rock':

"They might be although, I’d got away from listening to Hendrix quite a bit by that time and I’d like to think that that was more sort of developing my style really. Particularly the solo bit in the middle, which I’d been doing on the ‘Mott The Hoople’ tour and sort of gradually expanded and has got more and more ever since. Although, I keep trying to throw it out it keeps creeping back in. That involves the repeat device actually using it in time, which I don’t think, had been done before up to that time. It’s a very nice device to work with because you can build up harmonies or cross rhythms and it’s not a multiple repeat like Hendrix used or even The Shadows used, which is fairly indiscriminate, sort of makes a nice noise. But this is a single repeat, which comes back, and sometimes I’ll add a second one too. So you can actually plan or else experiment and do a sort of “Phew” type effect. So that was at it’s very beginnings on ‘Brighton Rock’, and became more developed after that."

Brian May - 1983, BBC Radio One


Cover Versions

Chords & Tabs

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Happy little day Jimmy went away
Met his little Jenny on a public holiday
A happy pair they made so decorously laid
'Neath the gay illuminations all along the promenade
It's so good to know there's still a little magic in the air
I'll weave my spell

Jenny will you stay tarry with me pray
Nothing 'ere need come between us
Tell me love what do you say?
Oh no I must away to my mum in disarray
If my mother should discover how I spent my holiday
It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air
I'll say farewell

Oh rock of ages do not crumble
Love is breathing still
Oh lady moon shine down
A little people magic if you will

Jenny pines away writes a letter every day
We must ever be together
Nothing can my love erase
Oh no I'm compromised
I must apologize if my lady should discover
How I spent my holidays