Warboys (A Prayer For Peace)

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Paul Rodgers - lead and backing vocals, piano
Brian May - guitars, bass guitar (?), backing vocals
Roger Taylor - drums, backing vocals
  • Length: 3:18



Live In Glasgow, 2007 Paul Rodgers live album
The Cosmos Rocks, 2008


  • none... yet...

Queen + Paul Rodgers talks

Paul Rodgers, Vintage Rock

"I called "Warboys" as a sub-title "A Prayer To Peace" because I wanted people to understand that it is a prayer for peace; it’s not a glorification of war in any way. I’m of the opinion, when you look back through the history of mankind, there always seems to have been hardwired into us this need for warfare. I wish, I really truly wish, we could transcend that. And live and work the earth as if it was a garden. You know what I mean? And share things. It would be so cool if we were more spiritually aware."

Additional Info

  • One of two new songs written by Paul for his 2006 / 2007 solo tour, he hinted during various radio and print interviews that it may be on the new Queen + Paul Rodgers album. It was confirmed in August 2008 that it would be on the new album.

Chords & Tabs

  • None


They were born with the knowledge of the struggle to survive
They were raised, learning only ways to stay alive
Their language is the language of the bullet and the gun
If you can see them coming, baby, better run

Here come the warboys
Here come the warboys

Well they look so pretty as they march and drill
It's such, a pity that they're dressed to kill
Soldiers marching two by two
When it all comes down they know exactly what to do

Here come the... war

Warboys, warboys, children and their toys
Warboys, warboys, make lot a noise
Warboys, when the lightning exlpodes
I pray for your soul

Hup, 2, 3, 4

Well they look so fierce they're gonna tear out your heart
When they get near we're gonna see what they got
Hold on to your soul, friend of mine
I'll see you in hell, some other time

Here come the boys

Helping to kill, those who deserve to die
Tell me who decides
You and I
We have the power